Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Got Devils

  • Tony Perkins warns the GOP to stand firm in its opposition to reproductive choice: “To abandon it now, to adopt a platform that declares this issue of no national significance, that leaves the unborn completely exposed to dismemberment, cardiac injections, and poisoning in the womb, that sets the stage for a national policy of abortion on demand by a Democratic majority, would be a tragedy of historic proportions.”
  • Rep. Glenn Grothman says the International Criminal Court has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of war crimes and crimes against humanity because the ICC is controlled by “anti-God countries.”
  • Perry Atkinson declares that “the most despised person on the face of the Earth is a white, heterosexual, Christian, Republican male.”
  • Josiah and Isabella Moody explain how tradwife Christian submission works in practice, whereby she has to take his emotional abuse “with a smile on [her] face” and then wait for him to eventually repent to God for his sinful behavior.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau believes that future historians will date the beginning of the Third Great Awakening to when Christians prayed Donald Trump into office in 2016: “The only people that don’t agree with me are religious people and people that got devils.”
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