Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Day of Celebration

  • Tony Perkins warns that the Republican Party cannot afford to ignore “SAGE Cons” voters (as in Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives): “You can’t win a nationwide election with just SAGE Cons, but you can’t win without them.”
  • Nick Fuentes attempts to clarify something: “We love Hitler in a Christian way, you freak. Not in a gay way. In, like, an awesome way, OK? In like a we love Trump way, you fucking liberal.”
  • Mario Murillo continues to issues warnings about false prophet Robin Bullock, even going so far as to liken Bullock to Jim Jones.
  • Patrick Howley declares that “we the unvaccinated should make all decisions.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander announces that he intends to “raise 1 to 10 million dollars to retell the Jan. 6 story”: “I’m not going to let that day go down in history as a day of bastards. It should be day of celebration.”