Rep. Glenn Grothman Accuses the Biden Administration of Attempting to ‘Run Down Christianity and Run Down Belief in God’

Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman appeared on an Intercessors For America livestream last Thursday, where he declared that the Biden administration is promoting atheism globally in order to “run down Christianity” and ultimately destroy the United States.

As Hemant Mehta at OnlySky reported last month, Grothman and other Republicans are outraged that the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor is offering grants to organizations that work to protect religious freedom around the world, including the rights of atheists and nonbelievers. For simply defending the rights of nonbelievers, Grothman accused the Biden administration of promoting atheism and weakening America.

“I cannot think of a country that has been more blessed, in which our citizens have more of an opportunity to grow and thrive than the United States of America,” Grothman said. “And we are taking God’s blessings and using them to promote really an atheistic anti-Christian ideology.”

“Right now they are giving grants to nonprofit organizations around the world to promote atheism,” he added. “When we promote atheism, we are telling people in other countries that America’s success was due to not believing in God.”

“Karl Marx was an active atheist,” Grothman continued. “The communists, when they do take over countries, try to shut down churches. So that is where this influence is coming [from] in the Biden administration, and I don’t think enough people know that a goal right now of the Biden administration abroad is to tell people or to give money to people to promote atheism.”

Grothman then began to complain about Pride Month.

“There are apparently some congressmen who consider June ‘gay month,’ and they were flying the gay flag over American embassies,” he griped. “You can imagine if you’re in a foreign country and you see the American embassy and you view it as representative of the American government, representative of the hope America is to the world, and you see the gay flag? It’s like, ‘What’s that? Well, apparently, maybe that’s the secret to America’s wealth and prosperity.’ So that’s just absolutely a horrible thing.”

Still outraged, Grothman fumed about the House passing legislation that would require federal agencies to standardize the collection of data regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, claiming that the government wants to ask young children about “their sexual preferences” in order to “break down any innocence that the children have.”

“Every Democrat voted for it—every one of them—requiring on the census or other government forms, surveys that are out there people listing so-called sexual preference, which is repugnant,” Grothman said. “Can you imagine asking an 8-year-old child, ‘What is your sexual preference?’ But that’s what they want. I’m sure they want it to break down any innocence that the children have. But every Democrat in the House of Representatives voted for it. And we have to ask what they had in their mind and why they are doing it and why the Democrat Party is so owned by the gay lobby that every single Democrat voted to say, ‘Yes, we think a 4-year-old, a 6-year-old, an 8-year-old, a 10-year-old ought to be asked what their sexual preference is.’ It could be like a transgender or whatever. It’s just another example of the moral decline that is being encouraged by the government.”

“Morally right now the federal government is kind of act acting to me as if the goal of the United States should be to run down Christianity and run down belief in God,” he concluded. “John Adams said that ‘The American Constitution is built only for a moral and religious people. We will fail if we cease to be a moral and religious people.’ And I think that’s why the kingpins in the Democrat Party are pushing this atheistic agenda because they know America will fail if we cease to be a moral and religious nation, and that’s why they’re pushing in that direction.”