Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Complainin’, Judgmental Pharisee

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene honored the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by doing a special CrossFit workout.
  • COVID-19 conspiracy theorist Mark Sherwood announced that he’s running for governor in Oklahoma by declaring that “those who participated in these treasonous acts” of supposedly stealing the election from former President Donald Trump must be tried for treason.
  • Josh Bernstein has something he wants to tell President Joe Biden: “You’re a scumbag, and everybody hates you.”
  • James Dobson is urging his followers to contact members of Congress and demand “a full investigation into the many failures in Afghanistan”: “If we do not carefully evaluate the parade of horrors that led to the tragedy of Afghanistan, AND if we fail to hold accountable those who were responsible for it, America could experience something worse than 9/11 in the future.”
  • Dave Hayes predicts that Q will return “when Trump comes back into office.”
  • Finally, Greg Locke lashed out at members of his own congregation during his Sunday service, calling them hypocrites for complaining that he uses his sermons to rant about politics and spread conspiracy theories: “You can leave any time you want to.”