Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Worse Than Murder

  • Chris McDonald tells his audience not to freak out over the coronavirus outbreak because “testifying against Hillary Clinton has a better chance of killing you” than the virus.
  • Cliff Kincaid recommends that President Donald Trump “put the military in charge of the coronavirus response and move quickly to a war footing with Communist China, the source of the outbreak.”
  • For some reason, the Media Research Center is very upset that ABC News did not report that those who attended CPAC may have come into contact with an attendee who has tested positive for the virus.
  • Gary Bauer says that Joe Biden “will end up being … as far left as Bernie Sanders would be if he got the nomination.”
  • Robert Jeffress doesn’t believe polls showing that “only 31 percent of Republicans like the way the president acts”: “I think a lot of people think they’re supposed to say, Oh, I don’t like the tweets and I don’t like this and I don’t like that, thinking that that’s what they’re supposed to say when it may not reveal their true feelings.”
  • Finally, Butch Paugh declares that homosexuality is “worse than murder.”