Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Demonic Democrats

  • Larry Klayman announced that he intends to file a class-action lawsuit against China over the coronavirus.
  • Jim Bakker is now airing clips from Alex Jones in an attempt to provide his audience with “the truth” about what is really going on with the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Josh Bernstein warns that “there will be a revolution” if Bernie Sanders becomes president: “We are armed.”
  • Scott Lively says that “today’s enemy eschews both labels in favor of the terms ‘progressive,’ and ‘democratic socialist.’ They have abandoned both the swastika and the hammer and sickle in favor of the six-color rainbow flag, but their agenda remains the same: the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization and establishment of a global Marxist order on the ashes.”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald tells his audience not to dismiss the danger posed by the Democratic presidential candidates: “It’s demon spirits, and they are dangerous.”