Right Wing Bonus Tracks: White History Month

  • “Prophetic minister” Patricia King says that President Donald Trump must be reelected because God wants to anoint government to fulfill his purposes.
  • David Barton joined Jesse Lee Peterson yesterday to help Peterson celebrate “White History Month.”
  • Alex McFarland tells churches to continue to hold in-person services during the COVID-19 pandemic because “if you’re not meeting for corporate worship, you’re not practicing New Testament Christianity.”
  • Erik Rush declares that “people engage in lifestyles and behaviors that one might label as sexually deviant because they are psychologically scarred.”
  • Finally, during a livestream hosted by Ann Vandersteel and Cirsten Weldon last night, guest Gene Cosensei claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been executed and when Trump wins reelection, the White House is going to start a pay-per-view channel where you can watch their executions.