Alex McFarland: The Democratic Platform Is ‘Ungodly’ and ‘Amounts to Treason Against the U.S. Constitution’

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he continued his recent trend of blithely accusing those who don’t share his political views of “treason.”

In September, McFarland accused Nike and NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick of being “borderline treasonous,” and last month he declared that Democratic leaders should be “tried for treason.” Yesterday, McFarland said that it is now the entire Democratic Party that is committing treason.

“As everybody gets ready for this election,” McFarland said, “if you love America and if you love our liberties and if you recognize that for over 240 years plus, we’ve been under one Constitution and the greatest, most prosperous nation in history, then I would urge people to vote and to vote Republican.”

McFarland said that “people ought to vote Republican” because the Democrats have “aligned themselves with things that have brought them so far down the road of progressivism, socialism, pluralism, relativism … The platforms of Democrats, at this juncture, besides being ungodly, the platform of Democrat candidates at this point amounts to treason against the U.S. Constitution.”