Alex McFarland: Nike And Colin Kaepernick Are ‘Borderline Treasonous’

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he declared that Nike and NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick are both “borderline treasonous.”

Kaepernick became a controversial figure in 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem before games as a protest against racial injustice in America, and Nike has recently come under attack for launching an ad campaign featuring Kaepernick, which McFarland said is subverting the Constitution.

“[Kaepernick] is leading a lot of impressionable young people to believe that America is a bad country,” McFarland said. “The national anthem is not worthy of Colin Kaepernick’s vaunted recognition, so he is going to kneel, he will not salute the flag, he will not stand for the national anthem. Let me say that I believe that what he’s doing to turn our young people against America is, in a long, circuitous way, really contributing to the subversion of our Constitution and is therefore borderline treasonous.”

McFarland asserted that “Nike is a very poor corporate citizen” and “owes the American people an apology,” while Kaepernick “needs to go get an honest job” or else leave America entirely.

“Let me just say to the American people,” McFarland said, “show your fidelity to the USA and never, never, never buy a Nike product … They’re not worthy of the support of the American consumer and I hope their shares reflect the very poor, borderline treasonous market position they’ve built for themselves.”