Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Are All Going to Die

  • In addition to the president and first lady, White House adviser Hope Hicks has tested positive for COVID-19, as have Sen. Mike Lee and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel.
  • A group of Trump-loving “prophets” and “apostles” are holding a two-day prayer rally in Florida organized by pastor Jeff Jansen, who was very excited last night about the supposedly prophetic significance behind the fact that Trump would be holding a campaign rally in town at the same time. Obviously, that is not happening now.
  • Hank Kunneman claims to have received a prophetic dream that antifa “was a terrorist-type group that was meant to create chaos” more than a decade ago.
  • Alveda King says that thanks to the first presidential debate, “we saw and heard President Trump defend America’s families, America’s economy, America’s babies, America’s environment and America’s security.”
  • Finally, Jim Garlow penned a long response to the debate that is basically the written equivalent of having a screaming meltdown: “I wish he would not have interrupted as much either, because I knew that there might be someone with the historical, theological and political understanding of an amoeba who would conclude that he/she could no longer vote for a ‘rude’ President. That is like saying during the bombings of London in WWII, ‘I can’t support Winston Churchill because he smokes cigars and swears.’ My response would have been: ‘Get over it. Without his leadership, we are all going to die.’ … If you were offended by the President’s rudeness, let me tell you how important that is, or isn’t. In this moment of crisis, that is about to become the least of your concerns. You are about to lose your country. The last thing you are going to be fretting about very soon is how many times Donald Trump interrupted Joe Biden. Frankly, if Biden wins, you are going to be wishing the President would have interrupted him much more. One lady wrote me that since the President was rude, she might not vote for him. I wrote back, ‘That is like saying, ‘I am not going to drive the car because the hubcaps fell off.’ Hubcaps are nice. They add something special. But they are not essential to basic transportation. And in this crisis, we need basic transportation. Why am I so blunt? Because when you have an intercontinental missile coming at you, you best not be complaining about a mosquito on your arm.