Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Political and Journalistic Waterboarding

  • Lance Wallnau warns that in 2019, Democrats and the press are “going to take America through political and journalistic waterboarding.”
  • Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network has announced a merger with Mark Levin’s CRTV.
  • Jim Garlow proclaims that “Melania Trump is the most intelligent, globally astute and elegant First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy” but is subject to relentless attacks because her critics “are jealous of her brilliance and her beauty, and because of their hatred for her husband’s anti-globalist stance, and his love of country.”
  • After being banned from Twitter, Liz Crokin spent the weekend trying to sneak back on, declaring that she “will keep opening accounts here everyday as long as I need to to get info to the masses. The more Jack [Dorsey] censors me with no explanation, the more proof Twitter is involved in child sex trafficking. They’re just giving me more evidence to use in a MAJOR lawsuit against them.”
  • Finally, David Lane declares that conservative Christians must become more involved in politics because the left has been given a “free hand to impose its values upon a self-effacing church culture, embracing liberal schools, liberal churches, liberal media elites, liberal business executives, Silicon Valley leftists and an entertainment industry promoting degeneracy and wantonness.”