Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Uproot and Remove Them

  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson took advantage of Gov. Roy Cooper’s absence from the state to proclaim “North Carolina Solidarity With Israel Week,” presumably in an effort to downplay his own long history of antisemitism now that he is running for governor.
  • David Lane’s American Renewal Network will be hosting a “complimentary Iowa Pastor Prayer Summits featuring Special Guest: Mike Huckabee” in December.
  • The Family Research Council and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education released a joint report titled “The Trans Youth Phenomenon: Critiques & Hard Questions” which they claim “answers the hard questions concerning the ideological underpinnings of gender-transitioning minors, the physiological procedures currently being employed on minors, the ability of minors to consent, and the deficient justifications for increasingly intensive interventions.”
  • Speaking at a Pastors for Trump rally, right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer called on God to remove from office all politicians “that refuse to listen to your voice”: “Father, it is our request that you would uproot them and that you would remove them and you would replace them.”
  • Finally, Curt Landry, who repeatedly prophesied that former President Donald Trump would be reelected in 2020, now says that he is not responsible if his prophecies don’t come true because it is “human lack of attention to following through with the details” that is to blame.
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