Curt Landry Says Criticizing False Prophets Is ‘Cancel Culture’

Curt Landry is a Trump-loving right-wing pastor who was among the various “prophets” who boldly and explicitly guaranteed that former President Donald Trump would win reelection in 2020.

Landry proclaimed that 2020 would result in a “red tsunami” in which Trump won the White House and the GOP won control of both houses of Congress. None of those things happened. In fact, ever after Congress had certified Joe Biden’s win as president, Landry was positive that God would ensure that Trump remained president, so much so that he declared that he was “making arrangements” to be in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20 for Trump’s inauguration.

Landry was certain that Trump would win because, he said, there was no way that God would allow prophets such as himself to be mocked by critics and unbelievers for being wrong.

But he was wrong.

Amazingly, Landry did a livestream on his YouTube channel last Tuesday on the dangers of “cancel culture” in which he asserted that Christians must repent and apologize for daring to criticize the “prophets” who got the election wrong.

It is not the “prophets” who need to apologize for being wrong, Landry said, but rather “the body of Christ” which must apologize for criticizing the “prophets” for being wrong.

“The church’s cancel culture has really created, it has blossomed into really a global cancel culture,” Landry said. “I really think that since the 2020 election, the body of Christ has canceled its prophets based on the fact that President Trump did not serve a second term. And when [he] did not serve a second term, there was like this evil accusing-of-the-brethren spirit that rose up—particularly in the church—and said, ‘This prophet predicted that—there’s a false prophet.’ We maybe didn’t stone anybody with rocks, but we certainly stoned them on social media with our own mouth.”

“So, here we are canceling the prophets,” he continued. “The Scripture says about this in Psalm 105:15, it clearly says, ‘Do not touch my anointed ones, nor do my prophets no harm.’ So when they did miss it and we did harm to them thus, we fed into that river of the cancel culture where we attacked our own. We need to repent from that tonight. We need to get cleansed from that tonight.”