Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Unraveling The Deep State

  • In a development that should surprise nobody, President Trump canceled the planned meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. It seems that Trump’s much-deserved Nobel Prize will have to wait.
  • Alex McFarland says that Pope Francis “will answer to God for the way in which he is leading people away from the Bible.”
  • Jerome Corsi predicts that Trump will set up military tribunals for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others.
  • NOM’s Brian Brown is begging for donations: “I have talked personally with many victims of the LGBT jihad against marriage supporters, and I feel for them. I feel the pain and anguish that they experience. And that is why I am so committed to fighting through every difficulty to stop these attacks from occurring.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau boldly declares that, according to the Bible, between now and June 6, “we’re going to see the unraveling of the entire deep state intrigue” against Trump.