Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Subconscious Supercomputer

  • Erik Rush, who spent eight years demonizing Barack Obama, his administration, Muslims, and anyone who criticized him, is now very concerned about the “vitriol and wholesale demonization” that is supposedly being directed at Trump supporters.
  • Alex McFarland says “given that secular education, pop media and the Democrat party have all fought God, life and truth for so many decades, it will take a visitation from God to restore our moral awareness.”
  • Paula White declares that President Trump’s State of the Union Address was divinely anointed: “I personally know that there are literally millions of people who have been activated in the United States of America and around the world who yesterday were praying, fasting and holding our president up, that he would be the mouthpiece God would breathe through.”
  • Peter LaBarbera wants to know why it’s acceptable for men to dress in drag if white people dressing in blackface is so offensive.
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell says that Trump is actually even “smarter than he thinks he is” because he has a subconscious supercomputer in his brain.