Peter LaBarbera: The Fight For LGBTQ Equality Is ‘Satanic’

Anti-LGBTQ activist Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joined Dave Daubenmire and other speakers at last weekend’s Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Expo and Conference, where he warned that the push for “equality” is satanic.

LaBarbera complained that the LGBTQ rights movement has hijacked the language, lamenting that experiences like “coming out of the closet” are now seen as occasions to be celebrated.

“What is it really?” he asked. “You’re coming into darkness. You’re embracing spiritual darkness as a personal identity, as who you are, and then you’re selling it to everybody you know. You’re doing Satan’s work in the name of light.”

This “powerful sin movement” has also hijacked the term “equality” so that now people regularly refer to “marriage equality” despite the fact, LaBarbera said, that same-sex marriage “is not marriage, it’s not equal.”

LaBarbera said that equality is just another term for “radical egalitarianism,” which is itself the “cultural Marxism” that has been at “the root of a lot of evil” like the crimes of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

“For some reason, homosexuality has become the issue for the left,” he said. “The issue. It’s satanic.”