Perry Stone: Many World Leaders Are Luciferians Who Pray To Satan Before Dinner

End Times pastor Perry Stone recently delivered a sermon in which he recalled a meeting he had a few years ago with a billionaire businessman who informed him that many world leaders are Luciferians who bow their heads in prayer to Satan before dinner.

“He said something to me that I will never forget and this is probably going to amaze some of you,” Stone said. “He said, ‘You’d be shocked how many of the world leaders, especially in Europe, are Luciferians.'”

“This is a secret cabal of people,” Stone continued. “He said, ‘These individuals are from the Catholic and Orthodox backgrounds, so they had a Christian background when they were raised, but as they got older and were educated in the universities, they had a twisted concept of Lucifer or Satan.'”

Stone claims that he was told by this businessman than these world leaders misinterpret a passage from the Bible to conclude that “Satan owns world kingdoms,” which leads them to believe that “if we associate ourselves with Satan and we give our allegiance to him, he has the power to give us the world kingdoms, to give us counties and nations, and to make a lot of money.”

According to Stone, this unnamed businessman said that he has attended dinners with “really high-level business people in some of the nations of Europe” at which the guests must “rise together and pray to our father Lucifer” before eating.

“It absolutely happens,” Stone said. “I know for a fact that there are people in high places who have dedicated or given themselves over to Lucifer … If you’re going to be a world leader and have an effective leadership, then you are going to have to somehow, in some way, align yourself in the allegiance of Satan.”

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