Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Totally Demonic

  • Scott Lively loves former President Donald Trump but worries that he might actually be the Antichrist: “I don’t want that to be true about Trump, even in the slightest. I’m just performing my Christian due diligence on the biblical math as I perceive it.”
  • Todd Starnes declares that “Anthony Fauci is a monster”: “He’s responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Americans. He’s the face of a modern-day genocide.”
  • Angry over Alex Jones’ legal problems, Ali Alexander fumes that “The Sandy Hook Activist Families SUCK!”: “They’re killing America’s children.”
  • MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer says that “the LGBTQXYZ+3 movement is a demonic-inspired movement. It’s totally demonic.”
  • Finally, Tony Perkins claims that Trump’s hush money payment to cover up his adulterous affair with an adult film actress is something that conservative Christians “would completely call out, and have.” In reality, Perkins and company actually “gave [Trump] a mulligan.”
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