Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Free Speech, For Now

  • Right-wing pastor Paul Blair declares that “Christian missionaries need to be invading the school boards to take back that ground. We need to be invading public education.”
  • Scott Lively proclaims that “Russia may be the only hope for stopping the globalists in Europe and saving the Ukrainians (and all Europeans) from a fate worse than death – the LGBT enslavement of their progeny.”
  • Mychal Massie says that Democrats are “a demonic, ecclesiastical cabal formed from the worst humanity has to offer. They’re representative of what Dante witnessed as he journeyed through hell.”
  • Jesse Kelly warns that “if you can’t see how a federal gay marriage bill will be used to attack the largest political opponent (churches) of Democrats, you’re so stupid you should be institutionalized. FBI gonna be knocking on your pastor’s door for refusing to marry a couple dudes. Morons.”
  • Finally, Dalton Clodfelter believes in “free speech for everyone, as of right now,” but “once we take power, I see no problem with silencing our opposition.”