Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Worst Crime Against Humanity in History

  • Rick Joyner declares that China is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is the “worst crime against humanity in history.”
  • Gary Bauer says that President Donald Trump’s critics “would like to keep things shut as long as possible, because that will mean that on Election Day there won’t be enough recovery for voters to reelect the president and vice-president.
  • Mike Spaulding asserts that “progressives and their supporters are modern day worshippers of Molech the Canaanite god that received the sacrifices of human beings of all ages but especially of children. Modern day Leftists are just as evil as their progenitors.”
  • Why in the world would anti-Islam activist Brigitte Gabriel have been participating in weekly conference calls with the White House about the coronavirus way back in January?
  • Finally, Jim Bakker continues to insist that his network never suggested that the silver solution it sold could cure the coronavirus. He’s lying.