Rick Joyner: Hurricane Florence Will Be ‘A Major, Major Blessing’

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner sees the upside of the damage being caused by Hurricane Florence because God told him that all of the locations that suffer flooding will eventually experience revival when they are washed over by “a flood of the Holy Spirit.”

Joyner, who earlier this week said that Florence was caused by the sin of abortion, posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday assuring those who may lose their houses and/or possessions to the storm to take heart in knowing that it is really going to be “a major, major blessing.”

“This is going to turn into a major blessing,” he said. “I don’t care what it looks like right after the storm, we have to trust the Lord. He makes all things work together for good.”

“If this is judgement from God, which, I assure you, it is, it’s because he still loves us,” Joyner added. “I don’t care what happens in the next few days and a lot of it is going to look terrible on the news and it’s going to be bad for a lot of folks, when you’re going through it, it is bad. It’s going to work out to be a major, major blessing to this area. The Lord showed me a few years ago, ‘Watch where the floods come,’ he said, because the natural first and then the spiritual. There will be a flood of the Holy Spirit in those same places.”