Rick Joyner: California Wildfires Were ‘The Result of Your Sin’

On today’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner asserted that the wildfires that devastated California last year were the result of sin and were, in fact, the judgment of God on this nation.

“The warning that the Lord gave us through his prophets, beginning with Moses and on, [told us] that this is going to be the result of your sin,” Joyner said. “If you turn from following the Lord and you start calling good evil and evil good, and honoring the dishonorable and dishonoring the honorable, these are going to be the consequences. ”

“It talks about storms, it talks about earthquakes, and it talks about fires coming upon the land and burning the land,” he continued. “I think the only one that has discernment on why this is happening seem to be the insurance companies. They’re the only ones who call it—these are acts of God.”

“They really are,” Joyner said. “You say, ‘Is America under judgment?’ Of course we are!”

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