Rick Joyner: The Left Is Responsible For the Rise of White Supremacy

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday in which he declared that liberals, not President Trump, are responsible for a resurgence in white supremacist ideology in America.

“I really believe the rhetoric on the left, if anything is re-firing white supremacy groups in our country, they have been doing it,” Joyner said. “Their rhetoric has been doing it. If anything has stirred up the violence that has been created, it is the rhetoric on the left, not the right, not Trump.”

“I do believe that white supremacist movements in America were just about dead and the ones that were still alive were dying until all this kind of stuff started happening,” he added. “The rhetoric on the left, the behavior on the left, the murder that was incited by the slogans and the rhetoric of the extreme left, now it’s pushing people to the extreme right and they’re starting to react.”

In 2017, Joyner claimed that “we had just about dealt with racism in America” until President Obama came along: “The white supremacist groups probably would not exist now if it had not been for Obama.”

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