Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Trump Whisperer

  • Dozens of right-wing activists have signed a letter released by the Conservative Action Project declaring that “Joe Biden is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, warranting the opening of an impeachment inquiry, which must ultimately result in impeachment by the House and removal by the United States Senate.”
  • White nationalist Andrew Torba asserts that “God created different ethnic groups. To preserve them is to preserve God’s creation and is therefore an inherent good.”
  • Elijah Schaffer is getting increasingly open about his racism.
  • Standing across from the White House, New Apostolic Reformation “apostle” Tim Sheets sends “breakthrough angels” to destroy the “iniquitous roots of Baal that are there”: “It is time for the merger of Heaven with the Earth realm. It’s time for the merger of angel armies and the remnant warrior armies.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau claims that as he a praying recently, a mysterious man whispered in his ear that “Donald Trump will be elected for one more turn,” after which the Antichrist will emerge. By the time Wallnau turned around, the man had already disappeared.