Andrew Torba Says ‘Biblical Christian Men’ Must ‘Take Dominion’ Over Every Aspect of Society

Doug Mastriano, a Christian nationalism-promoting election conspiracy theorist who won the Republican Party’s gubernatorial primary in May, has come under fire for his ties to Andrew Torba, the antisemitic Christian nationalist founder of the far-right social media platform Gab.

While Mastriano has remained silent about his connection to Torba, Torba has been very vocal in his defense of Mastriano and his own radical Christian nationalist views, releasing several videos in which he explicitly stated that non-Christians should not be playing leading roles within the conservative movement.

On Monday, Torba released another such video in which he declared that “degenerate pagans” have ruined this nation and therefore “biblical Christian men” must “take dominion” over everything for the good of society.

“You degenerate pagans and atheists and non-believers went way too far with the COVID nonsense, with shutting down our churches and forcing our kids to be masked, and forcing us to get vaccinated with some mystery goop in order to keep our jobs and provide for our families,” Torba said. “You pushed us too far, and now we’re going to take dominion of this country, of our culture, of news, of entertainment, of technology, of education, of everything for the glory of Jesus Christ, our king. It’s just that simple.”

“Me loving my neighbor is wanting my neighbor to be ruled by wise biblical Christian men,” Torba declare. “Look at the fruits of what happens when we allow pagans, Jews, non-believers, atheists to run our country.”

Torba asserted that the United States has become a cesspool of degeneracy and despair in recent decades, in comparison to the first 200 years when he claimed that the nation had experienced “the fruit of exceptionalism and of freedom and of liberty and of wealth” because Christians were in charge.

“That is what happens when you have biblical, wise Christian biblical leadership that is running the country,” Torba insisted. “It benefits everybody, OK? This is just the reality of the situation. So, me loving my neighbor is wanting my neighbor to be ruled by Christians. Biblical, wise Christians.”