Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Third Great Awakening

  • Glenn Beck believes that Kanye West may be ushering in the Third Great Awakening.
  • Mark Taylor claims that President Barack Obama removed the Bibles from every U.S. embassy and had them replaced with Korans.
  • Wayne Allyn Root has endorsed Laura Loomer in her bid for Congress.
  • Michele Bachmann coos that “we have not seen a president with greater moral clarity than this president.”
  • Tim Barton says that the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood make him “want to have a little righteous indignation and go find some of these people and deal with them in more of an Old Testament fashioned.”
  • Larry Tomczak asserts that the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump proves “we are in perilous times of the Last Days.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays against impeachment: “May God arise and his enemies be scattered! May he who rules over heaven and earth, preside over this political process. May injustice and unrighteousness be exposed and excised, and may justice and righteousness be done! May our president be strengthened by him who gives strength. And may the Prince of Peace prevail to bring peace, calm, wisdom, resolution and closure to the civil enmity and sin that is destroying our nation and making all Americans victims. May the demonic forces behind this enmity be crushed and may God’s grace, mercy, and revival be poured out upon our land. May we individually and collectively repent for not loving God and our neighbor as we ought and have been commanded to do. Save us, Oh God!”