Michele Bachmann: Obama And Clinton ‘Should Be In Jail Right Now’

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmannn appeared on the “Understanding The Times” radio program on Sunday, where she declared that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “should be in jail right now” for having supposedly used the power of the federal government to frame President Trump.

“How did our Department of Justice go so haywire?” asked host Jan Markell, to which Bachmann responded by unleashing a torrent of right-wing myths and disinformation designed to create an alternate reality in which Trump is the victim of a massive conspiracy to destroy his presidency that was orchestrated by Obama and Clinton.

“It went haywire under Barack Obama,” Bachmann said. “While this was the Department of Injustice, in my words, we saw the corruption of the FBI, we saw the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton doing the colluding with creating a phony story by paying off a guy to write a phony memo to suggest that somehow Donald Trump was working with Russians on the election.”

“The entire basis of the special prosecutor claim of creating Robert Mueller’s investigation was based upon a lie,” she added. “And, in fact, just the opposite was true. What came out—and this really should be the biggest issue of this election is this—what we found out is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton colluded together with a former spy from Russia to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign, including embedding a human being in his campaign to spy on him and use the instruments of the United States government—the CIA, the FBI—to spy on a candidate for president.” (There is no known evidence that a “spy from Russia” conducted espionage against Trump on behalf of Obama, Clinton, the Democratic Party or the United States government, and Bachmann did not attempt to present any.)

“The government was used against political opponents,” Bachmann asserted. “I’ll tell you the people who should be under investigation—really who should be in jail right now—and I don’t say this to be partisan, is our former president, our former candidate for the Democrat Party. They were misusing government to advance their political wins. So rather than Donald Trump being under the microscope, it should be Hillary Clinton, it should be Barack Obama.”