Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The State Belongs to Jesus

  • Christian nationalist worship leader Sean Feucht held a service outside the Idaho state capitol Sunday where he bragged about gathering with elected officials beforehand to declare that “this state belongs to Jesus.”
  • America First activist Dalton Clodfelter insists that the Holocaust never happened.
  • America First activist Jon Miller helpfully admits what has long been known: “I’m an anti-semite.”
  • America First activist Matt Evans (aka Beardson Beardly) doesn’t care “what they call Twitter, just let me say the n-word.”
  • America First activist Steven Franssen would like “one of these Indians that want to be President [to] instead just lead all of their people back home.”
  • Finally, America First leader Nick Fuentes insists that “sex is a gay act” and therefore “if you seek sex, you will become gay.” That is why the straightest people are those who remain celibate, like priests.