Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God Made a Fighter

  • Far-right America First streamer Matt Evans (aka Beardson Beardly) would “like to apologize to all the Jewish people out there. You’re a lot more evil than I gave you credit for.”
  • A follower of white nationalist Nick Fuentes named Alex Roncelli sent a public message during Fuentes’ livestream Thursday night so that he could brag about becoming a Republican chairman in Michigan. Fuentes was utterly dumbfounded that Roncelli would be foolish enough to publicly out himself as a groyper.
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Nathan French claimed that he “felt the presence of a governmental anointing” after former President Donald Trump fist-bumped him.
  • Trump-loving “prophet” Julie Green wept as she called upon God to “let our rightful president take his place back where it rightfully belongs to him.”
  • Finally, if you think the Cult of Trump was extreme, get ready for the Cult of DeSantis.