Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Solution Is More Guns

  • John Guandolo has some thoughts about yesterday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school: “FBI reports FL shooting has ‘nothing to do with terrorism’ which means its likely a jihadi.”
  • Josh Bernstein has the solution for stopping such shootings: “We don’t need less guns, we need more guns.”
  • Jim Garlow says that the ACLU has “‘innocent blood on their hands,’ having stripped Judeo-Christian values from our nation’s classrooms.”
  • A prayer from the Family Research Council: “Father, we confess that the ideology and behavior of the LGBT activist movement are distasteful to us and most would prefer not to get involved, to live and let live. Yet they are now at the doors of the church, demanding that we deny core tenants [sic] of our faith and not speak the truth in love to the hurting and confused. Move upon your praying people to cry out and awaken the church in America.”
  • Dave Daubenmire says that “any Christian who voted for Barack Obama isn’t a Christian.”
  • Finally, Pat Robertson says that “The View” ought to be pulled off the air for mocking Christianity.