Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Smell of Liberal Tears

  • Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers loves white nationalist Nick Fuentes.
  • It’s probably going to be a sad holiday for MAGA songwriter Billy Falcon if all he wants for Christmas is his president back.
  • Sam Sorbo says that she pulled her son out of public school when he was in second grade because “he was learning how to be a bully” because they were teaching him about evolution: “Evolution is survival of the fittest. And what is that? That is bullying.”
  • Before speaking at the ReAwaken America conference in Dallas Thursday, Jason Sisneros (aka “The Bald Avenger”) got his pump on, took a stream, hopped in the shower while getting his Jesus on, and discovered a wonderful new soap: “It’s got to smell really close to what liberal tears smells like.”
  • Finally, former SNL cast member Jim Breuer performed at the ReAwaken America conference Thursday, where he absolutely killed it.