Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Is Consuming Adult Adrenochrome Allowed?

  • Pastor Matthew Hagee apologizes for allowing Cornerstone Church to be used for the right-wing conspiracy theory ReAwaken America event last weekend, where crowds chanted “Let’s go, Brandon.”
  • There is something ironic about supremely arrogant right-wing pastor Greg Locke preaching on “the absolute power of humility.”
  • Patrick Howley takes a brave stand: “Anyone who has ever consumed the adrenochrome of children should be banned from holding public office.”
  • Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Sherri Tenpenny says that anyone who received a COVID-19 vaccine is “no longer really a human” because they have “volunteered, knowingly or unknowingly, to participate in the transhumanism movement.”
  • Finally, MAGA pastor Mark Burns, who is running for Congress in South Carolina, declares that “this is a Christian nation, and any policy that is contrary to the word of God, we need to remove it from mainstream America and make it illegal.”