Bill Mitchell Claims ‘There Is No Systemic Racism in America’

Ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell used Friday night’s broadcast of his “YourVoice America” program to insist that systemic racism could not possibly exist in the United States because minorities receive special treatment while white people have to foot the bill.

“Systemic racism is not a bunch of hillbillies with a rebel flag and a pickup truck screaming obscenities at black people on the side of the road,” Mitchell said. “Systemic racism is racism like South Africa used to be, where if you were a black person, you couldn’t own property, you couldn’t do anything, you were being harassed by the government.”

“We don’t have that in America,” Mitchell fumed. “It doesn’t exist. It is a fantasy created by the media. There is no systemic racism in America. As a matter of fact, in America, if you are a minority, you have special scholarships for you. You have special housing programs and special loan programs that you can get. You have better access to food programs and this sort of thing than white folks get. I mean, as a white person, you have no particular privilege at all, except for the privilege of paying the bill of higher taxes.”