Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Religious Right Admits Defeat?

  • The anti-LGBTQ activists behind the Gone 2 Far Movement have declared that May is “PRIDE FALL month because it immediately precedes ‘Gay Pride’ month, centerpiece of a marketing campaign for LGBT normalization that urges people to view pride as a virtue and not a sin.”
  • Robert Jeffress admits that “a proper reading of culture right now is to understand that we have lost the war over ‘gay marriage,’ at least in the culture. There is no reason to refight that war [or] to think that somehow we’re going to make gay marriage illegal.”
  • On a related note, Randall Terry reports that “I have a lot of supporters who do NOT want to fight so-called ‘homosexual marriage.’ And when we went after Pete Buttigieg, sadly, we saw a DROP in contributions.”
  • Josh Bernstein is demanding an investigation into why Rep. Ilhan Omar was allowed to speak with students at a school in her district.
  • Chris McDonald says Ilhan Omar “is being used by forces above her to stir this hatred over our country.”
  • Finally, Laura Loomer warns that “the left will continue to send Conservatives to the digital gulag until they can once again put us in a real gulag.”