E.W. Jackson: Ilhan Omar ‘Wasn’t Really Elected by Americans’

Right-wing pastor and Religious Right radio host E.W. Jackson has already made it clear that he does not approve of the election of two Muslim women to Congress and spent a good portion of his radio program on Friday complaining about it once again.

Jackson was particularly incensed by a comment made by Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who said that she told her son after she won her election that she was going to go to Congress and “impeach that motherf**er,” referring to President Trump.

“She claims to talk this way to her child,” Jackson said, with disbelief. “There ought to be an investigation into that. Is that how she talks to her child all the time? I mean, that’s ridiculous. That’s a form of child abuse … So, I’m supposed to be impressed that these Muslims have been elected and this is the way she talks? Ha. No, I think there is a cause for great concern when our country has degenerated to a point where we elect people like that, who talk like that to Congress. I think it’s a sad day.”

“If your religion produces people who talk like that to their children, you don’t need to be in Congress, you need to be standing before a judge, explaining yourself,” he added. “Because, to me, if you’ll talk like that to your child, I don’t know what else you might do. I’m serious. I’m serious. To me, it’s abusive.”

Jackson then turned his attention to Ilhan Omar, another Muslim woman who was elected to Congress as a Democrat from Minnesota, insisting that “she wasn’t really elected by Americans.”

“Folks, as I looked into her background, I’ll tell you, I’m just disgusted by the fact that she got elected to Congress,” Jackson declared. “It does not portend well for our country. First of all, she wasn’t really elected by Americans. She was elected by a Somali community that maintains its sense of difference and distinction and, to use her words, ‘otherness.’ That’s who elected her. That’s why she’s in Congress. She didn’t go out and compete in the marketplace of ideas and talk to all Americans about everything. She didn’t go out and talk to Americans of all kinds of backgrounds, descents, economic status; no, she basically has been raised in the cocoon of a Somali community that set itself up in the Minneapolis area and that is the basis and the source of her power.”

Omar’s election, Jackson said, “points out something else, folks, that you need to understand: Islam doesn’t assimilate, Islam infiltrates.”