Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Radical Joe Biden

  • Jonathon Van Maren declares that “by every conceivable historical standard, Joe Biden is a radical. By the standard of twenty years ago, Joe Biden is a radical. And if he becomes president, we will discover that he is willing to unleash revolutionary forces — forces that will, in a cruel new America, become normal.”
  • Jeremiah Johnson warns that if Biden is elected, he will pass the Equality Act “and it’s going to destroy your kids.”
  • Scott Lively attempts to rally the troops: “There has never been a man more obviously disqualified to lead this nation in all our history than Joe Biden. He is as devious as H.W. Bush, as sleazy as Bill and Hillary Clinton and as dishonest and morally corrupt as Barack Obama. … We must generate not just a Red Wave, but a Red Tsunami that will drown them (politically speaking) like Pharaoh’s armies were crushed by the collapsing flood waters of the Red Sea. Let NOTHING stop you – and everyone you can drive to the polls – from voting Trump!”
  • Alex McFarland predicts that if Biden wins, we’ll see Islamic terrorist attacks around the world but if Trump wins, “there will not be a major Islamic terrorist action during the entirety of Trump’s second term.”
  • Kat Kerr says that when President Donald Trump is reelected, God will give us 5 new sources of energy, the cure for cancer, and “inventions we never even dreamed of having.”
  • Finally, MassResistance identifies Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of its activists and is thrilled that she appears likely headed to Congress: “We’re proud of Marjorie Taylor Green for standing up for her beliefs and not backing down after the vicious attacks on her. She will clearly be a force to be reckoned with in Congress – maybe even a leader of a pro-family version of the so-called ‘Squad.'”