Michele Bachmann Warns That Joe Biden Will Make U.S. Communist Within His First 100 Days

During a Sept. 18 appearance on a podcast hosted by pastor Todd Coconato, right-wing former Rep. Michele Bachmann warned that if Joe Biden is elected president, the Democratic Party will turn the United States into a communist nation within the first 100 days of his presidency and America will be “done.”

“This is a revolution in the street,” Bachmann said. “It parallels communist takeovers in nation after nation for the last 103 years. This is a communist revolution and take over in our streets, and really Joe Biden is the nonessential candidate. From his party’s perspective, they don’t care who’s at the top of the ticket because what they know is that 100 days after the election, should Joe Biden prevail, they intend to put in, I believe, a Marxist form of government. They’ll have it done in about 100 days. We’ll never go back to who we were before, so this is not a normal election—this is the existential election of our lifetime. That’s what we need to understand.”

“Either we’ll go on as the America we formerly knew or we’re done,” she added. “We’re done. I hate to say it, but I’ve been at the top of the top in Washington, D.C., and I have watched this every second of my life every day since. This is where we’re at. We either have a chance to go back to where we were and have America become great again or we’re done. We’re done.”