Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Private Corruption of Kings

  • The America First Policy Institute issued a document seeking to explain “Why Faith and Politics Do Mix in America.”
  • Joseph Farah says that the rainbow “has been hijacked, stolen, misappropriated” by LGBTQ activists and “it’s time for us to reclaim it – or God will.”
  • Lance Wallnau appeared on Jesse Lee Peterson’s show, where Peterson told him that “a man has no business listening to a woman”: “Every time you listen to a woman, you’re gonna suffer.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos declares that “blasphemy laws are necessary in an orderly and pious nation and 1A stands in the way. Has to go.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander proclaims that people like Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Vladimir Putin are “kings” so it’s perfectly fine for them to be personally corrupt while publicly professing to be Christian: “The private corruption of a king doesn’t remotely bother me.”