Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Party of Satan

  • E.W. Jackson declares that “the Democrat Party has now become the party of Satan.”
  • Mike Lindell reveals that he hired private investigators to find out why Fox News has refused to allow him to appear on the network and peddle his election fraud claims.
  • Robert Jeffress says that “the filibuster is a political issue. It is not a biblical issue, by any stretch of the imagination.”
  • Joseph Farah gripes that President Joe Biden “is sullen, his voice hurts my ears, he’s cognitively challenged, he’s incoherent, he falls a lot – and, worst of all, he’s mean. He lies on a grand scale and he’s hopelessly immoral.”
  • Larry Klayman claims to have convened a “citizens grand jury” that will indict Biden next week and set up “citizens courts” in which to try him, with Klayman serving as prosecutor.
  • Finally, Gina Loudon and Amanda Head are mad at Morgan Freeman for urging people to get vaccinated because he once played God in a movie: “At some point, God’s got to be sacred.”