Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Power of Delusional Thinking

  • Glenn Beck reports that President Donald Trump called him recently and declared that he will never accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election and will never concede. Beck attributed Trump’s unwillingness to accept reality to the fact that Trump is such a disciplined student of Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root knows for sure that the presidential election was stolen from Trump because his friend “Richie” went to prison for fixing horse races and, he says, “Riche watched and studied the 2020 presidential election. He calls it ‘the greatest scam and steal in world history.'”
  • Scott Lively declares that “there is no peaceful resolution of this crisis. There is no short-term ‘return to normal.’ There is only a season of warfare of some kind – perhaps bloody, hopefully not – and then the restructuring of our government and culture through the active purging of the losing side from the seats of power – again, perhaps bloody, hopefully not. If the Biden Theft of the Presidency is consummated, it is undoubtedly the left’s intentions to see that WE THE PEOPLE be purged, and the long history of similar Marxist takeovers suggests it will be a very bloody campaign. But I don’t think either President Trump or the MAGA millions are going to surrender the White House. There is going to be a fight, and WE THE PEOPLE are going to win it.”
  • In 2019, Rick Wiles announced that he would be ending his nightly “TruNews” broadcast and produce only a half-hour radio show for subscribers. Given that it is now 2021 and Wiles is still spending two hours every night hosting his “TruNews” program, we’re guessing those plans must be on hold.
  • Finally, failed treasure hunter” and self-proclaimed election security expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer wants to know why the #MeToo movement refuses to believe the women who claim to have witnessed massive voter fraud.