Rick Wiles Is Taking His Ball and Going Home

We have been covering “TruNews,” the program hosted by End Times broadcaster, rabid anti-Semite, and ardent conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, since 2013, back when it was just an online radio program. One of the things we heard Wiles recount repeatedly over the years was a vision that he claimed to have received from God decades ago, telling him that he would be given a “national audience just before the judgment strikes.”

Over the years, Wiles’ program has grown from a small radio program into a nightly television show that has regularly received press credentials from the Trump administration. This growth, Wiles repeatedly insisted, was proof that the vision he received from God in 1998 was coming true and should serve as a warning that the End Times were rapidly approaching. Wiles was so convinced of this that he recently said that he needed $100 million to build a global platform from which to spread the Christian Gospel in preparation for the Last Days.

But now, all of that appears to have been thrown out the window, as last night, a fed up Wiles reported that he is sick and tired of being mocked and criticized on YouTube, so he has disabled the ability to leave comments on his programs and will be pulling “TruNews” from the platform entirely at the end of 2019. In addition, he will be ending his nightly television show in 2020 and turning the program back into a half-hour radio show that will be available only to subscribers.

“Jesus told Peter, ‘Feed my sheep,'” Wiles said. “Jesus did not tell Peter, ‘Slop the hogs.’ He said, ‘Feed the sheep.’ What we do on social media every night is slop the hogs. Now, the sheep are there, but the sheep are overwhelmed by the hogs, and the hogs are biting the sheep and taking their food from them. So what you do in a time like this is you shut the farm gates and you lock the barn doors, and the hogs stay outside and you bring the sheep inside.”

So, it appears that after spending a bunch of money to build a professional-grade television studio to produce a nightly television program to warn the world that the End of Days will soon be upon us, Rick Wiles will soon be right back where he was when we first started covering him six years ago.