Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Pink Plague

  • Mario Murillo continues his crusade against the “false prophets,” declaring that Robin Bullock is a “cult leader” and Kat Kerr is “delusional.”
  • Steve Deace has endorsed Ron DeSantis for president because “we need a ruthless, consistent leader.”
  • Paul Blair, co-founder of Liberty Pastors, is teaching pseudo-historical Christian nationalist nonsense during the seminars that his organization hosts for pastors: “One of the things we talk about is the Constitution and how it was modeled, quite frankly, after the Republic of Israel.”
  • Patrick Howley claims that young white men are the most racially profiled and discriminated against people in America: “You go into a store, and they’ll follow us around.”
  • Finally, Jonathan Cahn warns parents that the “Barbie” movie is poisonous propaganda and recommends that they stay in their homes until “the pink plague” has passed: “Don’t lead them to the Barbie movie, lead them to God.”