Right Wing Round-Up: Blame Jesus

  • Tess Owen @ Vice News: The Far-Right Is Scared Trump’s Call to Protest Is a Trap.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: ‘Not acceptable’: Steve Bannon attacks ‘weasel’ Ron DeSantis for refusing to stop Trump arrest.
  • Ken Meyer @ Mediaite: Trump Goes Scorched Earth on DeSantis, Raises Questions About His Sexuality and Peddles Groomer Smear.
  • David Badash @ The New Civil Rights Movement: Jim Jordan Waging ‘Purely Political Attack’: Demands Bragg Testify Before Congress Over Expected Trump Indictment.
  • Joe Jervis: Anti-LGBTQ Extremist Ejected From Texas Hearing After Repeatedly Declaring Trans People To Be “Pedophiles.”
  • John Russell @ LGBTQ News: Rightwing pundit who called for eradicating “transgenderism” played a gay twink in a movie.
  • Jonathan Larsen @ Salon: Paul Gosar blames Jesus for sneaking Kari Lake into “new” National Prayer Breakfast.