Right Wing Bonus Tracks: MAGA Cancel Culture

  • Bigoted MAGA rapper Bryson Gray reports that the Lee County Florida GOP has cancelled his upcoming appearance at an event with former President Donald Trump “because they got over 500 phone calls” opposing his participation.
  • Patrick Howley hates this country: “Modern America has given me nothing…it has messed with my free speech, charged me fees for mostly everything, incarcerated me in prison-like schools, injected my relatives, hated me for my skin color, and expects me to cheer for its wars. Let a financial collapse cleanse it.”
  • Steven Franssen asserts that “atheism is predicted by autism, which is itself predicted by having an older father with increasingly poor quality sperm due to age-related mutation and environmental effects.”
  • Lauren Witzke has launched a fundraising effort for her boss Stew Peters, claiming that he is being sued “because he is calling out the Drag Queen Story Hour demons for hosting pedophilic ritual child sex abuse ceremonies IN PUBLIC.”
  • Finally, Steve Deace declares that drag queens are grooming children and that “pedo-groomers should be executed, by the way. After a fair trial, of course.”