Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Most Important Documentary in History

  • Mat Staver told his radio audience that by impeaching former president Donald Trump, the Democrats are really “impeaching you.”
  • Hank Kunneman boldly declares that he is standing “more stronger and firm than at any other time that I’ve prophesied” regarding his repeated proclamations that Trump would win the election and remain in office.
  • Wayne Allyn Root has a suggestion for Trump: “Run for Congress in 2022. Pick any GOP friendly district in Florida, where you’re loved. Primary a RINO who stabbed you in the back. You’ll win the primary by a landslide. Since it’s a GOP district, you’re guaranteed victory in the general election. Once in Congress, with the GOP regaining control in 2022, and most of the candidates loyal to you, you’ll be elected Speaker of the House. From that platform, Trump can lead the impeachment of President Biden.”
  • The American Family Association is demanding that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be censured for accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of trying to get her killed during the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
  • Robin Bullock claims to have been told by God that “Joe Biden will not be president.” Therefore, he says, it is impossible to “pray for President Joe Biden because he doesn’t exist.”
  • Finally, Mike Lindell announced that he’ll be releasing a three-hour documentary this week that he claims will explain how voter fraud was allegedly committed to steal the election from Trump: “It’ll be the most important documentary you ever watch in history.”