Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Most Brilliant One of All

  • E.W. Jackson stands with President Trump: “I join the President in saying to [Rep. Ilhan Omar], if you think America is racist and unjust, go back where you came from. Millions of Americans are tired of having our country denigrated, our Flag desecrated and the American people slandered as racists for loving this land of liberty.”
  • Day Gardner also stands with Trump: “I agree with President Trump, that if you come to the United States, even as a child, and find that you hate America, our Constitution, our laws and way of life, then LEAVE America.”
  • Bill Mitchell claims that social media platforms are illegally making in-kind donations to the Democratic Party by supposedly “censoring” conservative voices on their platforms: “That’s highly illegal.”
  • Rick Joyner says that he has met some of the most brilliant people in the world and declares that Trump is probably the most brilliant of them all.
  • David Horowitz asserts that America is the best thing to ever happen to black people: “This was the greatest gift given to black people in 3,000 years because nobody had said that slavery was immoral until a Christian in England, Wilberforce, really led this movement, and then Thomas Jefferson wrote it into the Declaration of Independence.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire proclaims that “there should be no Muslims in office in America” because “multiculturalism is cultural AIDS.”