Bill Mitchell: ‘Is it Possible That Antifa Is Behind the California Fires?’

Ardent pro-Trump commentator and online conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell declared on his “YourVoice America” program yesterday that the Department of Justice should investigate whether Antifa is responsible for starting the wildfires that have devastated California, despite admitting that he literally has no evidence to support this assertion.

Mitchell said that while nobody knows what caused these fires, it is possible that they could be the result of “domestic terrorism.”

“Now who is the only domestic terrorist organization that we know of in America?” he asked, rhetorically. “Antifa. Who loves to light things on fire? Antifa. So we have to ask our questions: Is it possible that Antifa is behind the California fires?”

“It isn’t too much of a coincidence that after decades and decades and decades of relatively low amounts of fires, we have all of these simultaneous fires going on in California just as Democrats take back Congress,” Mitchell said. “I am willing to bet one of the first major legislations that come out of the Democrat House will be climate change legislation—based on what? The California fires. Started by who? I wonder. I wonder. It’s all too convenient by half.”

“People say, ‘What evidence do you have that Antifa started this?’ Nothing,” Mitchell continued. “I have no evidence. I’m not accusing them. I’m just asking if it’s possible. It is something that we should consider because if Antifa is, in fact, a domestic terrorist organization and this is, in fact, a terrorist act, we must ask ourselves, ‘Is Antifa involved in this?'”

“The FBI, the DOJ should look into whether they are involved in that because nobody knows who started this,” Mitchell declared. “This is not some wild, fire-bomb-throwing on my part, I just want to know because inquiring minds want to know.”