Bill Mitchell: Democrats ‘Really Have Become the Party of Satan’

Ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell declared on last night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program that the Democrats “really have become the party of Satan.”

Mitchell closed out the program by asking his viewing audience to pray that President Trump and Attorney General Barr will “have the wisdom of Solomon” and “the wisdom of God” as they fight against demonic powers and principalities, proclaiming that “at this point, we are fighting against evil.”

“This feels like the Last Days sometimes,” he said. “Some of these things the Democrats are doing, they really have become the party of Satan.”

Mitchell said the fact that he has repeatedly called Democrats “the party of Satan” on Twitter and no Democrats have replied to dispute the claim is evidence that he is right.

“Never once,” he said. “It’s like, in their contract, they’re not allowed to deny it. I don’t know. It’s weird.”

“That sounds like hyperbole to say that they’re the party of Satan,” Mitchell continued, “but these are the people that are in favor of drugs coming across the border, they’re in favor of sex trafficking, they’re in favor of late-term abortion.”

“It’s absolutely sick, it’s absolutely devastating,” he declared. “This cannot be the party of God. This has to be the party of Satan.”