Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Greatest Movement in the History of our Country

  • Former President Donald Trump declares that “January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again.”
  • Ali Alexander refuses to denounce the events of Jan. 6 or to “endorse Biden’s and Pelosi’s illegitimate government.”
  • Mat Staver proclaims that anyone who is not anti-choice “should have no position in any office.”
  • Jarrin Jackson wants to “ban the BAR Association” and “ban the medical licensing/accrediting agencies” because “much of our ‘understanding’ is tied to expertise, which gives way to a soft form of idolatry.”
  • White nationalist Vincent James says school shootings, food shortages, and social collapse are good for the fascist right because eventually people will turn to “someone like me, someone with moral courage” who is willing to take control and “dominate without mercy.”
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson praises white supremacy, saying that Black people realize that “white men are smarter than them, superior to them, and instead of learning, ‘Hey, how did you become so superior?’ they want to destroy it so that they won’t be reminded how dumb they are.”