Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Greatest Living Evangelist

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt reports that, according to a new poll, Republican activists believe that “transgender activism” is the single most important issue facing the nation today.
  • We have to agree with Nick Fuentes that redpilled right-wingers often end up becoming openly “racist, sexist, and antisemitic.”
  • White nationalist Tyler Russell says that all Western countries must have “a white western leader”: “You can’t have people from other ethnicities, from other parts of the world governing your people … Obama was far enough. That was over the line.”
  • Dennis Prager brags that he has “brought more Americans to Christianity than any living Christian” and “brought more Jews to Judaism than any living Jew”: “I know that for a fact.”
  • Finally, Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore’s constant attacks on his fellow Republicans for not supporting his effort to impeach Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for indicting former President Donald Trump have reportedly gotten Moore booted from the Georgia Senate Republican caucus.
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